One Year Service Warranty

All of our jewelry comes standard with a 1-year service warranty. The 1-year service warranty covers the loss of any side smaller moissanite/diamonds, stones up to 3.5mm provided If the problem is deemed to be from a structural defect. We do not cover or insure for the loss of jewelry or of larger gems. We strongly recommend obtaining jewelry insurance for coverage against loss. The service warranty also covers one free polishing. Customer needs to cover the cost of shipping.

It also covers you for free cleanings and check-ups, as well as prong re-tightening every 6 months for one year. Customer need to cover the cost of shipping.

Warranty does not cover
damage caused by normal wear-and-tear are not covered by the warranty . However you can ship the item back ,our jewelers are happy to repair the jewelry at very competitive pricing. 
- Damage to gemstones (chipping, scratching, etc) are not covered by the warranty
- Precious metals are soft metals. They wear down over time and If enough pressure is applied its possible to bend. The bending of bands, mountings and prongs is wear and tear related and not due to a defect in manufacturing. They are not covered by the warranty.
- The loss of stones caused by damage from everyday wear or from other damage are not covered by the warranty .
- discoloration of precious metals caused by everyday wear are not covered by the warranty.

    We highly recommend insuring your jewelry which is easy and affordable if you insure via Jewelers Mutual.

    Jewelry insurance is strongly recommended for all jewelry that is worn frequently, especially engagement rings because of the high replacement cost and the fact they are typically worn every day. Jewelry insurance will cover your jewelry against loss, theft, fire, damage, disappearance, etc.

    Jewelry Appraisal
    Most insurance companies will require proof of amount paid for the jewelry item and a current jewelry appraisal establishing the replacement cost of the item. 

    We are able to provide an insurance appraisal upon request before shipping. Please contact